Buddha In A Gorilla Suit

Can you notice the Heaven behind your own eyes?

Can you notice the orgasms in your cells?

The preacher tells us it's on the other side of death.

The teacher tells us it's on the other side of accomplishment.

The banker tells us it's on the other side of wealth.

The athlete tells us it's on the other side of victory.

The actor tells us it's on the other side of heroic deeds.

The politician tells us it's on the other side of voting.

The news man tells us it's on the other side of war.

But it's not. It's right here. It's always been right here.

It is not on the other side of spiritual achievement.

It is not on the other side of mystical transcendence.

It's not even hidden; it's just unnoticed, like the gorilla at the basketball game.

People get so involved in the game that they don't notice the man in the gorilla suit.

Involved in the game of knowing and labeling.

Of conquest and worthiness.

Of good and bad.

Of enmity and loyalty.

Of security and insecurity.

Of control and anxiety.

Of winning and losing.

The gorilla suit goes unnoticed.

And it's you inside that gorilla suit.

And it's the universe inside that you suit.

We search for happiness with eyeballs made of happiness.

We search for Buddha with eyeballs made of Buddha.

We search for Heaven with eyeballs made of Heaven.

It doesn't take hard work to notice this. It takes hard work to not notice this.

Withdraw your energy from the hard work of not noticing.

Withdraw your energy from the basketball game.

You can't hide in that gorilla suit forever, Shiva.

Your mask is slipping.

There you are.

I see you.



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