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Capitalism is not the problem, the inherently ANTI-CAPITALISTIC merger of GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS, where the GOVERNMENT picks the winners & losers (not the market), is the problem. This is not free-market capitalism; and yes when we say capitalism, 99.99% of us mean FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM.

When the government, by force of law, STEALS your money and uses it to pick winners and losers, it is not capitalism failing - what is failing is something much more akin to actual FACISM (or any of the other forms of socialism).

Indeed, when the government doles out cash stolen from the populace, that action is in direct OPPOSITION to the most basic tenants CAPITALISM.

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We do not have Capitalism currently in the USA. We have Facism, which is the merger of Big Corporate with Big Government as clearly shown in the latest DHS email releases. Choosing between Facist and Communist is No Choice, both are Tyrannical. Going Gooey Green is also Tyrannical and stupidly unworkable as an aside.

Destroying Individual striving in any arena, spiritual, economic, or other endeavors is the road to ruin.

Wealth accumulation is not inheriently Evil, but Suppressing wealth accumulation is Evil. People are Flawed, No Governmental Authority is anything more than a Flawed Group.

Our Founders had / have much wisdom on how to create an orderly society if anyone cares to read and study it.

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Capitalism glorifies greed to the level of a sacred virtue. It's based on destroying the remarkably thin skin of earth (~6 inches) and the water that supports us (one drop, if our planet were the size of an egg). It destroys the ocean of air that supports all life, that could be represented by a thin tissue, if you laid that on a classroom globe. It turns people into slaves, killers of each other, and humans generally into lunatics. It has us competing violently for gold bars on the Global Titanic, which is already vertical. "And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made..."

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Much like Wars are never lost by the Oligarchy.

Capitalism never fails. It always successfully serves the Oligarchy.

Capitalism's enemy is the rights of the people and planet.

All economies are planned. Capitalism

is planned to exponentially profit the Oligarchy.

All else is devoured and destroyed.

Capitalism is a death cult built to the God of the very worst humanity can conjure against it's own existence.

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Perhaps you should watch a sporting event that is devoid of competition, or perhaps you should determine which species does not compete to pass on their genes.

A free market economy (true capitalism) is not either/or systems, as such it is both collaboration-based and competition-based.

You are just as misguided as the technocrats that want to strip humanity of its freedoms by suppressing their human natures.

Another totally misguided effort. Perhaps you should finally get around to reading some Austrian economics and appreciate that our "capitalism" is centrally planned by a collaboration-based One World Government that is finalizing their technocommunism dystopia as you obsess with terms and systems you are clearly wholly ignorant of.

PS they win because of ignorance and division. I'm trying to in collaboration-based way educate you.

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We have crony capitalism, not capitalism in the West at the time.

That said, all systems can be made to work tolerably well, if and to the extent that these systems are not run by sociopaths. The problem is that power is to sociopaths what catnip is to cats, and they will worm their way to take over any system, no matter how well designed or well intentioned.

This is why capitalism will degenerate into crony capitalism, why socialism will eventually be corrupted, etc.. This is why, after 5,000 or so years of written history to pick examples from, there are no clear and simple answers as to which systems work and which do not, simply better and worse options at that time and in that place.

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Capitalism is a dead hand.

The thing keeps killing long after we are all dead already.

Why do they, the rich fuckerwhores, hate us so?

Tis because they can.


They can so they do this, rather than learn to dance and to someone else's music?

Only the blues...

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GG tweets – extracted ~Nov 2 period https://twitter.com/ggreenwald

Note the intensity of Glenn’s activity despite a serious health emergency in his family

• (re-tweet) unusual_whales @unusual_whales

JUST IN: Treasury Department officials have begun looking into whether they have the legal authority to start an investigation into the Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase because of Musk’s ties to foreign governments and investors, per the Washington Post.

Everybody knows exactly why this is happening.

• One day after a major story from @lhfang and @kenklippenstein proving the US Govt and Security State are directing Big Tech on what to censor, the #2 Senate Dem tries to radically restrict what "free speech" means in a way that contradicts all 1A caselaw:

Senator Dick Durbin @SenatorDurbin –“Free speech does not include spreading misinformation to downplay political violence.”

• By the way, one day after this massive story about the US Govt directing Big Tech censorship was published by a Dem-friendly site, with a popular left-wing figure as one of the reporters, neither CNN nor MSNBC invited them on, and no Dem politician has mentioned it.

Why is this?

• 2015, BBC: "Meet Twitter's second biggest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal"

If DC Dems want an excuse to investigate Musk's purchase of Twitter on "national security grounds" because he won't censor for them, they'll need a better excuse.

• Also, few things are more darkly hilarious than Dems pretending to be so deeply concerned about Musk's involvement with Saudis when it's the US Government that is single-handedly responsible for propping up the Saudi regime with arms and surveillance tech

• Americans are being conditioned -- by "journalists" of all people -- to believe it's immoral or mentally ill not to immediately and uncritically accept whatever institutions of authorities claim.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald weighs in on the Paul Pelosi attack: "Skepticism itself can never be wrong ... Even if evidence does emerge later on to prove it, the skepticism itself was not just valid, but necessary."

• To this very day, you can read articles in liberal corporate outlets branding as "conspiracy theorists" anyone asking about Nuland's comments - same for those who questioned claims about COVID vaccine efficacy and mask mandates, or *any* claim that the US Security State issues.

• The US corporate press is trying to train Americans to believe the first and most solemn duty of citizenship is instantly accept whatever institutions of authority tell you to believe. No wanting to see evidence, no noting contradictions: just happily recite what you're told.

• Rather than obey France's censorship order, Rumble turned its services off for France and will sue. But France should have no right to impose its censorship laws on the world.

• This is why I'm so proud to be working more with Rumble and why I believe in their free speech commitment. The easy thing to do would be to obey French politicians and remove anyone foreign governments demand. Rumble would rather lose France then submit to them.

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People who believe capitalism is the best system will fight to the death for it. The death of other people. What other rationale was there in the Vietnam war, for instance? The US cited the domino theory: if Vietnam goes communist, it will cause all the countries in the global east and south to follow suit down the communist path. Communist countries everywhere - no matter what distance away - were a danger to the capitalist system. Indonesia was attacked in a different way in 1965 - the year of living dangerously - when the CIA lists of undesirables, people of a communitarian lifestyle, were murdered by co-opted Indonesians, and other CIA controlled thugs. Capitalism isn't its own good argument, or shining example. It takes muscle of one kind or another to enforce it.

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There is a DIRECT connection between Russia-gate hoax concocted by St. Obama, Biden and Hillary and provoking capitalist Russia’s “Putin's war” by relentless NATO expansion.

The SAME lying team representing the US bipartisan War party.

Democracy and freedoms have left US – censorship is now nearly TOTAL; far worse than in Soviet Union 50 years ago.

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I agree with the sentiment, but it is the philosophy of statism that has failed—not capitalism.

The state—through regulatory capture—has ensured the failure of capitalism. The state apparatus prefers one solution for many problems. That is the essence of statism.

Entrepreneurialism and free-market capitalism—a sovereign individual who is free to compete in the marketplace, creating goods and services to capture market share and capital—motivates individuals to create many solutions for many problems.

I don't want to assume anything, but intentionally or not, you are competing against other Substack newsletters.

Through the relatively free-market here on Substack, are you not creating a service that is attempting to capture market share/subscribers—paying subscribers or otherwise?

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I really have to wrap my head around communism. It is tough to do. And I think I kind of agree with you to a point.

Let's say this, a doctor is an excellent doctor is tired one evening. There are no other doctors around and a Baker comes to the doctor in the evening. The Baker understands that the doctor is the best. But the doctor says I am tired, see me tomorrow. The baker sees that the doctor is tired but cant come back tomorrow. So he tries to sweeten the pot with an apple pie. The doctor accepts the pie and ignores his own feelings and sees the baker.

Soon everyone is doing little extras to get through shortages or to achieve excellent results. Soon the doctor is rich.

Now this is the purest form of capitalism. Probably pure communism.

Entrepreneurs finding each other and trading. Free will. No pollution. No big trucks or boats. Just doing our thing as value for work is paid.

Communism as is defined by Marx is a total sham.

Oh and by creating a local environment where people trade, work and talk the love will happen. Then there will be no need for abortion or any of the other crap lefties sell. We can teach biodiversity.

Because everything in life will have unmanipulated value.

Go to most small towns in the undeveloped world. This is how it is done. They seem to get along quite well without us.

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"Babbling about Stalin and Mao" is deeply unfortunate phrase.

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This one once again tries desperately to conflate capitalism with geopolitical power games that exist outside of any economic system.

Any-ism are all formed and led by elite power mad humans that use their unique abilities to position themselves to use humanity for their own gain. This has been true of theocracies, communes, cults, nation states, tribes and every other form of collective government.

Capitalism is not the problem, it is just your favorite whipping boy.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... wish I had a solution. But as I see it, the power to tax is the power to destroy. End confiscation, reestablish voluntary taxation, and governments will be inherently smaller, and less capable of mass destruction.

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Capitalism has not failed...it is the idiots that have been trying to turn it into a socialist free-for-all that have caused problems. If you can come up with a better system, please tell us. Communism? Socialism? Leftism? Fascism? All major failures. All causing more death and destruction than capitalism ever will.

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