Listen to a reading of "Falling":

Crowdfund Israeli spyware surveillance on your own government to keep them from selling the nation to BlackRock while the world burns and billionaires masturbate in low earth orbit

Organize a grassroots whatever campaign so plastic politicians can feed you word salad with an ivory spork until armageddon

Vote vote vote vote for Murder Stealing Slavery because if you don't then Stealing Slavery Murder might win

Get the Monsanto vaccine in one arm and the Google vaccine in the other while the TV man on every channel says everything's normal and the Pentagon needs your insulin money

Ask your doctor about Sedentrol™ to mute the gnawing sensation that you should release the parrots in your chest and fly with them to freedom instead of cranking a gear in a cubicle which turns billionaires into trillionaires

INVEST INVEST INVEST in crypto it's computer money for libertarians

Buy Bootcoin buy Copcoin buy Narnium I heard Elon just tweeted about it

Buy analogue crypto made of shiny metals

Buy paper crypto backed by bureaucratic fiat

Baby we're gonna rule this whole damn shanty town

We greet bosses with tourniquet smiles forced through oceans of pain and make small talk about the soldiers patrolling our streets

Lamborghini lampreys parasite our stomachs as we swim amnesiac through transhumanist-infested petrochemicals and dream of Someday

I don't know where this is all going mommy I'm falling we're all falling and we don't know where we're falling to

We scream together as we tumble past corporate logos and Ivy League rapists and a strange stillness at the center of everything that we'd never really noticed before

Don't be afraid baby momma's gonna catch you

Momma's gonna try and catch you

Momma's gonna leave you bleeding safely on the floor




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