The Trump Presidency as the Establishment's False Flag PsyOp... The whole pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump insanity of the last 4 years is a CIA/Mockingbird Media Psy-op that's mindfucked everyone on both sides of the big divide. Whether or not Trump is better than "the enemy of the people" in the fake news Democratic-media establishment is beside the point. Its not Trump that the Establishment hates - the MSM only ever accuses him of fabricated scandals of which he is completely innocent (Russian collusion, Ukraine, Covid mismanagment). No, the ruling establishment really hate the people he represents - the disenfranchized working class white majority middle America that's been fucked over non-stop for the last 30 years...

And so while the Establishment media has spent the last 4 years demonizing the biggest losers and the real victims of neo-liberal globalization, to the point where supporting Trump can mean you can now lose everything (job, family/friends, security, freedom), look at what they managed to get away with by convincing the other half of the country that getting rid of Trump by any means necessary is a matter immediate and existential urgency: The weaponizing of the intelligence community in an attempted coup based on nothing with full media complicity, the persecution and torture of Julian Assage - the Western world's last icon of freedom, massive levels of Orwelllian Big Tech censorship, the corporate fascist dictatorship of a global government lockdown in a permanent state of medical fascist tyranny, an enforced economic implosion that saw the biggest transfer of wealth to the billionaire class in history, an over-hyped anti-white race war stemming from the death of a low-life drug addicted thug who resisted arrest - and now, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, a stolen election right out in the open in front of the whole world with the most obvious and in your face fuckery anyone has ever seen.

None of this would ever have been possible without this mass media anti-Trump PsyOp where tens of millions of people have been convinced that getting rid of this imaginary-construct of the evil racist far-right fascist Nazi dictator is a matter of such immediate and existential urgency that they were willing to usher in this corporate fascist authoritarian nightmate and violate every democratic and constitutional norm imaginable, because "the TV says Orange man bad". Isn't it now obvious that this has been the whole point all along??

Trump is the ultimate false flag operation, the essential decoy upon which we have ushered in a literal dystopian nightmare - it was installed right out in the open in front of our very eyes while the educated liberal consensus was distracted and diverted with fake outrage over Trump's mean tweets. And the good guys who saw through the tsunami of lies and media manipulations are now the most hated people in America. This was the plan all along. The international Anglo-Zionist oligarchy has gotten exactly what it wanted, and Trump made it possible. - even if he doesn't realize it himself.

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

~ Upton Sinclair

(thanks, Earle L. Bailey, for reminding me...)

Willful ignorance is a huge psychic wound for our species and a deliberate one. Personally, I think we are witnessing the (rather predictable) outcome of decades of propaganda coupled with a coopted system of public education designed to spit out factory fodder and service industry drones--with stunted critical thinking skills and an understandable aversion to all things academic.

I am frustrated with the willful ignorance of the majority of our population, because our species has to respond with an alacrity that appears to be beyond us. The need for all of us to understand viscerally that a handful of obscenely wealthy corporate fascists are responsible for the wanton destruction of our ecosystem is critical, if we are to leave our children and our children's children a habitable planet.

We are Earthlings, all of us, to a one. And, putting aside our educational backgrounds, we all have critical thinking skills. In these exponential times, we ALL are challenged by global events--especially, the global pandemic and the climate crisis--to hone our critical thinking skills and do the reading and research necessary to insure that our children and our children's children will live in a habitable ecosystem. Healing our planet's ecosystem should be consuming every fiber of our beings.

That the corporate fascists succeeded in installing yet another neoliberal is daunting, but not surprising. Biden's "win" should not be celebrated in any way, and all the diehard Dems who swore they'd move him left after he "won" have an impossible job ahead.

However, I think that the corporate fascists are celebrating a Pyrrhic victory, because We the People are responding. The Genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. The snowball is rolling down the fascists' ginormous mountain of greed--soon we'll be an avalanche. The progressivism sprung from Bernie Sanders' activism will continue, and--in the end--we'll prevail. This is progressivism's legacy (once we heal our massive psychic wound -- which is already occurring around the globe). Progressivism is our species' theology of love, and always has been.

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Great stuff— they’re almost telling us to “love it” and smile like Obama. There is no other reality. You’ll enjoy the drugs as the environment goes to hell. I wait for the other shoe to drop—hoping it won’t hit me.

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Excellent stuff from Caitlin, as always. ("Excellent" in the sense that it exposes our horrors with grace and humor.) I like her new aphoristic approach to writing. She seems to have a natural gift for it.

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Excellent, as always, Caitlin. The sheer amount of resources devoted to the shaping of information, perception, misdirection, obfuscation, lying and distortion is stunning. No wonder these bloody bastards need such wealth! The real question, for those of us wise to the ways of The Empire is, "How do we get this information to be seen, read, understood by our fellow, brainwashed and over-propagandized humans?" And further, how can we get them to react to this reality?

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The empires have been with us for thousand of years with no change in their behavior towards the common man. And the common man is still in bondage not because of lacking courage for trying new political systems but because of the failures of such systems.

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I don't expect Trump to pardon anyone outside of the MAGA bubble. Trump is just like THE GUARDIAN they both used Assange and Wikileaks then threw Julian under the bus. Trump went from "I love Wikileaks" to claiming he had never heard of Assange and knew nothing about him. Until Pompeo reminded him that Assange is "an enemy".

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