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Why not consider Zelenskyy lied about being pro-peace just like Joe Biden lied about nearly everything (but that nothing would change (from Donald Trump)) to get elected? Everything about this man's history says he was and still is a tool of at least two violent criminal empire.

His TV program "Servant of the People" was created for him by the man who seed funded the Azov thugs, and grew them from a bunch of soccer hooligans into a powerful political tool: Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi.

Kolomoyskyi not only owned the TV network, but a fraudulent banking/money laundry empire, and the franchise for CIA Heroin transshipment in Ukraine from Afghanistan to EU and North American. Zlelenskyy was one of his lawyers, who specialized in bank control fraud and money laundry, 1.5 Billion, that Billion, was disclosed to be under Zelenskyy's legal control in the Pandora papers, most of which probably came from Kolomoyskyi's defrauding of PrivatBank. That kind of money comes with a very long, violent trail of blood, for which Kolomoykyi deployed his private army, Azov.

Several oligarch, all with their own private armies had candidates running for president, but using right wing fascist platforms. Kolomoyskyi did an original move, and having laid the groundwork with his tool Zelenskyy, told him to lie. Yes, I know it's hard to believe a politician would lie, much less a lawyer who works for organized crime, but consider it for once. After Zelenzkyy was elected, he not only failed to keep any of his promises (shades of Joe Biden, anyone, and of course he had shade on Joe's son Hunter), but he even promulgated more laws against minorities and worked with Azov's political arm to carry out pogrom's against Roma in Kiev, etc.

Many kind hearted fool assumes the best about Zelenskyy because he challenged an Azov captain on camera. For gods' sake, 3 or 4 days after this incident had to fly to Paris to attend the latest round of the Minks Accord group, and was under pressure from Paris and Berlin to stop the shelling of civilians in DNR until the meeting was over. He put on a show for the camera, and still everyone thinks he's a gentleman, when nearly everything else the thug has done shows he's a violent, bigoted, criminal. https://youtu.be/4PBVa4XJEFE?t=1328 It get's riper the further one listens.

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Needless to say, the United States did not want to protect Zelenskii so he could implement Minsk-2. Quite the opposite.


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There is not the slightest doubt that this proxy war was arranged a long time in advance by the US, that admitted in 2014 it had invested $5 billion in Ukraine - and that was a lot of money 20-25 years ago- and were shoulder-deep in the Maidan coup of 2014, promoted a far-right winger for president, Yatsenyuk, who fronted for more obvious Nazi types, and advised Zelensky that he needn't concern himself with the Minsk accords. This has been a proxy war against Russia from the start, and was recognized as such by Putin. It is nauseating to hear the mindless idiot Biden refer to Putin as "a thug" and accuse him of the war crimes for which he and his are responsible. Incredibly, Zelensky has just made a video accusing Russia of "fascism", the country that stood alone against the Nazis in WWII and saved the world from that scourger at the cost of at least 28,000,000, dead -almost twice the entire population of Canada at the time. But this is the age of irony: there is no lie too outrageous, too preposterous, too contradictory and anti-historical to be floated, and no doubt believed by the comatose believers of sick Western fantasies.

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Zelensky has to have a ton of blackmail on the Bidens for them to be sending billions of taxpayer dollars on demand.

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If you want to give yourself a migraine, try to tell a normie who still enjoys watching Colbert any of this. That'll do it. Speaking from personal experience. 😖

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exactamundo...they instigated the whole thing...just like they did with the plandemic....https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-update-what-truth/5779037

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It feels like a loop in history: in Berlin 1945 Reinhard Gehlen traded his freedom and a new name in exchange for Ukrainian Nazi troops that he had been in charge of during the war. Allan Dulles was so grateful for this trade that he made Gehlen chief of the West German secret services. Americans have always loved Nazis, but the Ukrainian ones were the first ones they employed officially.

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Biden is utterly corrupt war criminal – although senile he is so amoral as that he came from another planet. Trump, although comical and incompetent, was a much more normal and relatable person.

The original modern sin – the immense DNC-Deep state Russia-gate hoax led directly to the bipartisan US War uniparty to proxy war. For decades every Russian politician warned unsuccessfully about relentless NATO expansion….

In the end, Putin is the only humane and normal political leader in this proxy war against capitalist Russia.

Scott Ritter; Ukraine, Finland and Nato, a Warning to the People of Finland – May 8, 2022


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The US could have prevented this by not stoking a coup in 2014 to put their own puppets in so the families of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney (and probably others) could be enriched. Timeline here - https://wholistic.substack.com/p/russia-invades-ukraine-some-context

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'Handmaiden" from Handmaiden's Tale refers to women as mere controlled, procreative functions in a fascist society, not so far removed from the system of the allegedly most advanced society that ever existed: the US. And now back-to-the-future style, women's rights over their own reproductive health and choices are again in serious dispute. More evidence that only socialism/communism can save the human race from barbarism, certainly, and most likely, total annihilation.

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I do not think this is true:

"Minsk II meant ... you had to make the Russian language an official language of Ukraine." Anybody can show me where in the agreement this is stated?

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The psychopaths rule not only in the US. Any NATO member could have prevented the invasion by publicly assuring Russia that Ukraine would never be allowed into NATO. It should have been Germany, which benefited most from the 1990 treaty on reunification. Shame on all the NATO countries, who not only fail to do the right thing, but allow themselves to be led by the US into doing the worst thing.

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It's hard to find someone who will state this supremely important argument as clearly as Caitlin has done here, with the necessary links and quotations that leave no room for doubt or argument. We are in this place because the US wanted us to be in this place. I don't think any sincere and informed person could argue otherwise. The informed part is where propaganda has succeeded: hardly anyone is informed enough to understand the road to led us here was built over 30 years ago. With arrogance and ignorance we've been led to this position.

The good part is there's still time to right the wrongs. The bad part is there's no will on the part of the US and its lackeys to take the steps to do so.

Thank you, Caitlin.

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and who do you think funded the nazi militants? perhaps the cia like they did the taliban?

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Sheldon Cooper says:

That Nazi flag in the group photo is probably fake. I'm guessing the original pre-photoshop flag was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Insurgent_Army

That makes more sense than a Hitler Youth flag. I mean those guys may be Nazis, but they look a little old to be in the Hitler Youth.

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