Education and democracy are supposed to make the individual less partisan , more citizens of the world and universe. Not being able to see past your country's self-serving propaganda is nothing to be proud of: it is a weakness. It is in fact a failure as a human being, and ends in the disaster that results from hubris. . .

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" I wonder if my own government is being truthful about its actions in that part of the world? "

I don't doubt that my government is lying through its teeth--especially when it comes to resource grabbing in all parts of the world. Sigh.

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Sounds like an OLD Steve Martin schtick, where he's momentarily AWARE of the insanity of our sneeringly brainwashed, echo-chamber servile obsequiousness & specious suck-up Idiocracy... then goes,


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I garuantee, every single morning upon rising, these very ruminations, are considered thoughtfully by Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, George Bush, Jacinda Ardern, Boris Johnson, Mike Pompeo, Antony Blinken, Fauci, Donald Trump, Mr Zelensky, the Clinton's, Duterte, Bolsinaro, and other beautiful people out there, because they love us and have our best concerns in their hearts.

What lucky people we are to have them, bless their hearts......

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May I add: Is what I see real or a projection of what I reject in myself? What happens if I don't judge others? Does it enable me to forgive myself? Accept myself? Love myself?

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I wonder if my FTX funds that were wiped out last week helped elect insane Democrat candidates via my government funding an insane proxy war in Ukraine?

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All good questions. But taken together, too much for most people to productively use. People are usually clearest about their core values, the awareness of which helps anchor them. But we do need to dismantle falsehoods in our thinking and beliefs, one by one or clusters at a time!

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THANK you !! - https://thegrayzone.com/2022/11/13/un-envoy-fabricating-viagra-russian/

UN envoy admits fabricating claim of Viagra-fueled rape as ‘Russian military strategy’

By Alexander Rubinstein – Nov.13, 2022 (Note: Hillary Clinton, i.e., the US War party, has established that particular UN envoy (its loudspeaker) position)

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022

Here are a few more questions:

* What if the vaccines kill some people? The Epoch Times says 100% of the people get some heart damage.

* What if masks are an instrument of social control?

* What if the war against Russia is all about breaking up Russia so we can steal its resources?

* What if BLM's founders all have 5 houses each, now, off of your fundraising, and they don't give a shit about anyone except themselves?

* What if your processed food isn't safe?

* What if the carnivore diet got your relatives off of all their meds, like Dr. Shawn Baker is finding out?

* What if fiat currency is based on nothing, but it's just a way for the tyrants to steal your savings?

* What if big food, big pharma, big government, and big charity are all just scams?

* Why don't public schools teach anything useful? But instead, they just lie to you about history?

* What if Facebook hates you, and that's why they keep all your data and let you sign up for 72 genders?

* What if the tyrants want you to distrust your own body? And hate it? And want you to mutilate it?

If they can make you mutilate yourself...if they can make you lie...then they own you.

They own you.

They want you fat, sick, depressed, poor, isolated, and uneducated. The better to extract all of your economic value from you, and then kill you.

* What if big corporations are pro-environment not because they love the environment, but because you can't face the fact that it's just another one of their scams?

* What if you wanted to beat the tyrants, and started participating in parallel institutions (like smaller businesses, banks, farms, etc.) and you gave up on Big Government?

* What if you always told the truth? Because the tyrants' whole system is based on lies and fear. Don't lie or be afraid.

And watch them blow apart.

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022

My new faves are:

'why do I think that FDR was a great president?'

'how did I arrive at my assumptions about climate change?' (I know that is a loaded question, but more to the point 'is what I think accurate? could the entire narrative be wrong?')

'why did Michael Burry predict that water would become super precious?' hint: see article from 'Our Santa Fe River' - The Great Water Grab: Wall Street is buying up the world’s water. That will keep you up at night.

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If only there were free thinkers like Caitlyn in the MSM.

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Powerful. ❤️

And I love the Socratic method. Makes the essay universal and personal at the same time

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I love this one. Just keep asking questions.

One of the best meditations I’ve done is, “but what if it wasn’t/I weren’t”.

Ask, “Who am I?” Wait for the response and say, “But what if I wasn’t?”

“I’m a <profession here>.” But what if I weren’t?

“I’m a father.” ...

“I’m a <religious or a-religious leaning here>” ...

“I’m a husband” ...

“I’m a <political leaning here>” ...

Keep stripping away these accidents of your humanity until you get to You.

The ability to peel back the bull shit has been obscured to us.

“But what if it wasn’t?”

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Kinda weird that all Trump supporters were banned and are still banned from Twitter. But leftist dissidents are still on Twitter. I like many of them. But why are they scared of honest discourse? Perhaps because they can’t handle honest debate?? Are you scared?

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This really was an excellent article.

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Brilliant! Thank you so much. These questions are framed in a way that they can be presented to almost anyone without seeming to be hostile or disrespectful. Thank you!

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