John Bolton should switch places with Assange. Bolton is a war criminal who should rot. Assange is a hero. Free Assange.

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Thank you for bringing this to all our attention. I remember Julian pointing out the logical fallacies in the newswhores trying to trip him up. I'm glad his wife has that same level head on her shoulders. Okay, I'm ready to watch the slapdown!

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"This guy wants to go to war with everybody!" -- President Trump, right after he fired John Bolton.

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Normally I wouldn't hope that somebody literally slapped someone else upon seeing a headline like that, but I make an exception in Bolton's case.

I don't know what made him the way he is and I hate him too much to care. I hope karma gets him someday and he suffers as much as he's made others suffer.

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I just love your work Caitlin! You are a star of forthright journalism - confronting and excoriating the wicked of the world. And Bolton is a monster.

Stella Assange is fearless in her pursuit of justice for Julian. Speaking for millions of us who detest the warmongers of the US - she took the case into Bolton's court - accusing him of his many unpunished crimes. Bravo.

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Stella is an absolute hero right along with Julian. It just breaks my heart all that they have to go through and she handled this remarkably. I would have told that bastard to F off!

And yes, everyone get to London or DC this Saturday if you can and spread the word even if you can't!

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The very sight of that piece of filth war criminal Bolton makes me want to vomit! Thanks Caitlin and Mrs. Assange for your courage and thanks for standing up to that piece of trash!

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

Last night, Tucker Carlson said that suspect #1 for blowing up the pipeline is Biden or his proxies. I realize Caitlin is not a Carlson fan, but it is good to take allies where you can who are also against the end of humanity.

Carlson also spent a lot of time talking about how the propaganda is so thick in America that you can't read Putin's speeches or get a contrary point of view because of both the administration, and the tech overlords. That was welcome to hear.

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Chelsea Manning testified the video was not classified, and it should not have been classified because it involved US crimes, the deliberate targeted killing of civilians, two of them Reuters journalists. To top it off, the whole sordid mess prompted a sick joking/laughing reaction from the perps. Unless US crimes are privileged under international law, the public should have the right to a record of what is done in their name. Bolton is an ossified fool, a war criminal, a sub-human: who, what, was endangered by the release of this video? Only US moral credibility, already shot through with more holes than a sprinkler system. I believe Bolt-off's indignation has more to do with certain servers, and the Dem party HQ. Can't let party secrets of either variety out of the can : the public might lose faith in the system.

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Stella is a star (for you Latin scholars).

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

The Orwellian society we now inhabit treats GWB as a wise statesman and Jillian Assange like a war criminal. How stupid does a person need to be in order to ignore the actual evidence in both print and video of exactly the opposite facts. The answer lies in the human willingness to accept unsubstantiated claims made by those we trust. Stop blindly trusting leaders and demand an end to redaction as a means of hiding incompetence and corruption. Jillian and Edward’s revelations about our corrupt government should have earned them the love, devotion and gratitude of all Americans. I stand in wonder at their courage and sacrifice.

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Stella Morris/Assange is made of steel. Julian Assange can count on her to not let go of this situation as long as she lives. I admire her.

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I’m sorry Caitlin,

I don’t hear a “nervous laugh” from Bolton… I hear an arrogant, evil and patronizing laughter. But maybe that actually comes being deep down nervous. Nervous from having lost his sense of what it actually means to be human.

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From what I remember Obama was not going to pursue extradition. Didn't Trump talk at one time about pardoning both Snowden and Assange and then do a complete turnaround and start the extradition process? Free Assange! Free speech!

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One of the worst mistakes of Trump's time in office was naming that war criminal as his National Security Advisor. After Trump assassinated General Soleimani, Iran responded with pinprick strikes on US forces in Iraq, so precise that they didn't kill any soldiers. At that point Bolton was begging Trump to go to war. To his credit Trump not only didn't listen to Bolton but fired him. Now, with the US pushing for nuclear war against Russia, Trump is calling for negotiations. (BTW, where is Obama?) Bad as Trump was at times, he is not nearly as evil as the corpse, and his cadre of neocons, illegally occupying the WH.

I've heard from a few sources that Trump was set to pardon Assange during his lame duck session but was threatened by Mitch McConnell that if he did that there would be hell to pay. Sadly, Trump backed down, another stain on his presidency.

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