I'm kind of at a loss for words. Everything you say is undoubtedly true. There don't seem to be any cooler heads prevailing at the moment, at least none in a position to make a difference.

Short of some dramatic civil disobedience, we're reduced to being fleas on a rabid dog, watching as the other democratic party is poised to take over in 2022, and they sound even more nationalistic and xenophobic, hard as that is to fathom.

It's just all so incredibly stupid.

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There’s no extinction rebellion against nuclear annihilation which is even more of an imminent threat than climate induced collapse.

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We have just learned that Annalena Bärbock of the Greens will be the next German Foreign Minister. She is a US puppet, opposed to Nordstrom II and a Russophobe. This does not bode well. (The German Greens are not at all like the US Greens, having sold out long ago.)

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Great analysis, very scary stuff

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From my experience with the Cold War, The only thing that kept some peace was a sense of novelty. The nuclear weapons were novel, historically, with the prime nations: US and Soviet Union. This novelty helped create a semblance of decorum and "dare not to use". Though the US did "do" Japan, which I have no doubt the inner echelons of Anglo society think was probably "helpful" and salutary. (they write the history books).

Today we are in the lousy Facebook era. Unbridled Spin, lies, racism, hate, hypocrisy, unconstrained machiavellianism, unconstrained greed, materialism as religion, chest-thumping hubris, stupidity and spread of nuclear technology rule the day. In THIS environment, we are OH SO certain headed for nuclear conflict.

Spoiler alert: stop reading here if you want to sleep at night. The whole world has learnt the tremendous value of the false flag. They've learnt it from "the elders": attack yourself, complain loudly, launch nuclear on the other guy. Where have u seen this dynamic before eh? Hmm........

We are OH so close.

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While not exactly on subject, but IMHO even scarier...

Opinion: Does the U.S. need a West Point for tech-savvy civil servants?


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